Since I was a child I always had a thing for photography, there was always a camera lying around the house that got used regularly. The camera would always come out on the holidays and whenever family and friends were around. I remember having a camera with me on a school trip to the Wicklow mountains when I was 11 years old... still have those photos today. However, I haven't always been a photographer. I use to work in the technology sector, doing IT and web design until around 2006. Up to this point I'd being playing around with basic digital cameras for a couple of years and it was during this time that I became more and more interested in digital photography. I suppose it was the combination of art and technology that sealed my faith. I started doing a few photography jobs covering festivals, weddings, portraits, pretty much whatever jobs came my way. By now I reliased that photography as a full time occupation was what I wanted to do.

Today photography is not only something I love, it's also become my livelihood. The photography work I do is mostly commercial in nature, such as building interiors and exteriors, product shots, head shots and photography virtual tours. I also create and licence images on-line through Getty Images and from time to time I still design and build websites for small businesses.